Risk Averse Voters Give No Campaign an Edge In Voice Referendum

Voice Referendum: Risk-Averse Voters Swing Result, Poll shows

Risk Averse Voters Are Giving the No Camp A Significant Edge in The Voice Referendum Campaign New research from DemosAU shows the Voice referendum is being swung by a significant proportion of voters who are concerned about a risk of amending the constitution. Queensland-based pollster DemosAU has surveyed 7,341 Australians over the past three months, including 2504 in September to produce an MRP model of voter attitudes, and our research shows a 50.5%-34.5% lead for No, with 15% still undecided.

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Men Over 55 - The Biggest Consumers Of Women's Football

The Biggest Consumers of Women’s Football? Men over 55

Men Over 55 Are More Likely To Have Watched THE FIFA Women’s World Cup and NRLW and AFLW Games, Than Anyone Else New research from DemosAU has revealed that the biggest audience for women’s football is, in fact, men over the age of 55. Queensland based pollster DemosAU asked 2,359 adult Australians in August which top flight football competitions they watched over the past 12 months. Our national survey revealed that males over 55 were more likely to have watched

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