Nuclear Power Popularity Australia

Nuclear Power: The Least Popular Form of Energy Generation Among Australians

Poll Results Show Australians Remain Hesitant to Embrace Nuclear Nuclear power narrowly outpaces coal as the most unpopular source of energy generation, according to a DemosAU poll of 2251 Australians. The poll, carried out online from October 1 to 9, showed Australians, on the whole, had a negative view of both coal and nuclear power, the only forms of electricity generation to record net negative scores. Nationwide, nuclear had a net score of -8%, which means the number of Australians

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Voice to Parliament Referendum

Voice to Parliament Referendum – What Drove The No Victory?

Voice Referendum Result Reflects Australians’ Reluctance to Change the Constitution The outcome of Saturday’s Voice to Parliament referendum reflected Australians’ reluctance to change the constitution, according to DemosAU Head of Research George Hasanakos. Mr Hasanakos said while there was a tendency among commentators and supporters from both the Yes and No camps to see the referendum failure through the lenses of politics and culture, the reality was more prosaic. “The Bar Is Set Very High” “Of course, issues of politics

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MRP Polling, MRP Modelling Australia

What is MRP Polling and How Can It Help My Organisation?

A Brief History of MRP Polling/Modelling Imagine you ran a survey of Xbox users and asked them how they were voting at the next election. The results wouldn’t be very useful would they? The Xbox audience skews heavily towards younger generations and towards men, so it’s unlikely to shed much light on how other demographics, older women for instance, are going to vote, right?  And yet that’s exactly what researchers from Columbia University and Microsoft did in 2012. Using the

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