MRP Polling

A Brief History of MRP Polling

What is MRP? MRP Polling is an advanced approach to polling and market research that allows for stronger demographic insights, including electorate by electorate projections for a state or territory. This approach is not just a tool for political forecasting but a significant leap in how we understand diverse populations and their opinions. With the right guidance and expertise, it can be used to offer organisations and businesses greater insights at a lower cost than conventional means. The Birth of

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Republic Referendum Australia

Australian Electorate Split on Republic Referendum

Just under 50% of Australians Want a Republic Referendum in the Next 5 Years Almost 50% of Australians believe a Republic referendum should be held in the next five years, according to new research from DemosAU. DemosAU surveyed 1300 Australians between January 8 and 12 and asked them if a referendum on changing from Monarchy to a Republic should be held in the next five years. The results showed 47% of Australians believed a Republic referendum should be held within

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Cost of Living Research Australia DemosAU

Cost of Living Research: Australians Struggling with Groceries, Fuel and Rent

DemosAU Cost of Living Research Shows Struggling Australians Don’t Expect Their Financial Situation to Improve This Year Seven out of ten Australians report having at least some difficulty in paying for their household groceries, according to new cost of living research from DemosAU. DemosAU surveyed 2167 Australians between 8 December 2023 and 7 January 2024 and asked them about how the cost of living crisis was impacting their personal situation. The results showed 56% of Australians reported some level of

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