Introducing DemosAU

It Starts With Better Data

We’ll help you make better decisions and deliver better campaigns.

What We Do

We’re committed to helping our clients to achieve their strategic goals by providing deeper insights on public attitudes.

We specialise in demographic polling. Our MRP Model allows us to break down insights according to gender, age, voting intention, geography and more. This allows us to:

Track Attitudes

We can tell you how each demographic feels about a specific topic or issue, down to a granular level.

Identify Trends

We’ll track attitudes over time to identify shifting sentiments among each demographic

Find Targets

Whether you are looking for new customers or trying to change minds, our insights will support more precise targeting.

Empower Your Campaigns with Targeted Insights

WHo we are



Evan is the visionary founder behind DemosAU, a leading agency specializing in demographic polling and providing deeper insights into public attitudes. With a passion for data-driven decision-making, John has dedicated his career to helping clients achieve their strategic goals by harnessing the power of better data.



George is a dynamic and forward-thinking co-founder of DemosAU, a pioneering agency specializing in demographic polling and providing deep insights into public attitudes. With a passion for data-driven solutions and a strong belief in the power of information, Emily has played a pivotal role in establishing DemosAU as a leading force in the industry.

What makes us different

Our Value Proposition is simple: We’ll give you better data and insightful insights for less, compared to traditional pollsters and market research firms.

How do we do it? By embracing innovation and keeping overheads low.

With advances in data collection and the DemosAU innovative use of more sophisticated polling techniques, DemosAU can help your organisation achieve its goals by providing granular-level insights to clients that go beyond what traditional pollsters can provide.

All questions can be analysed with DemosAU’s Multi-level Regression and Poststratification (MRP) statistical model, which provides reliable geographic and demographic granular-level insights that would be unfeasible using classic polling methods.

The result is not just an accurate snapshot of public opinion, it is a rich suite of insights and analysis into the demographic features of public opinion with less cost. Insights that can influence debate and change minds.

MRP has a proven track record overseas – it has been used to accurately predict US presidential results and UK General election results – including picking up demographic trends that traditional pollsters missed. Now we’re making it available to more Australian organisations.

We’re more than just a service provider – we’re your research partner and we’ll work with you to deliver the insights you need to support your strategic decision making and persuasion efforts.

We can provide a variety of value research options to meet your needs;

  • Voting Intention
  • Issue Salience
  • Message Testing
  • Public Sentiment Testing 

We’ll work with you to test the questions you need answering, with insights broken doen by demographics, geography, political affiliation, education level and more.